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Monday, March 9, 2009

School Cartoon - January 2009

It is one thing to tell yourself to be positive and another to act it out. Self -affirmation as taught by many trainers suggest that you try to think positive. They often fail to emphasize the ACTION bit which happens to be only ingredient that make things work.

It is no wonder that there are many students who go (or forced to go) to a motivation talk, get emotional, and then after that move on with nothing changed or improved.

But I'm sure the trainers are happy, they got your MONEY!!! =)

Sitting down and belly (not 'barely') breathing with soothing music can be one good technique to relax. I learn it when the trainers shared this with my form class during in a motivation talk.

Not sure if the students got the message. When will they start to listen?...

During a home-room workshop, we were taught various strategies to engage students. One that caught my attention is the use of a bell as a signal to mobilize students to stand up and walk around in the classroom. When a second bell is sounded the students are suppose to remain standing where they are. A useful tool to re-shuffle the students' seating position.

A useful tool enough to inspire a cartoon out of it. Hehe... =p

Sketched with a Pilot G-2 0.7

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