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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bird Cartoons - March & April 2008

I got the inspiration in a staff meeting when the principal attempted to quiz her staffs if they knew what the four thrusts of the school was. It was for the purpose of catching those who were not paying attention as well as to ensure that when the external validators come to our school, we can 'show' that we all 'know' the school's truss... I mean thrusts.
The only four thrusts I can remember is recorded in the cartoon. It is hard to convince people to internalize new policies or initiatives if the whole objective of 'doing' things ends up for the purpose of benefiting some individual's performance bonus...
How can you tell if it was done because the person's performance bonus is at stake? EASY. Ask: "If there would be no performace bonus for THAT thing you do, would you still do anyway"?
It is one thing to say 'do it' for the students and nothing else. It is another to say 'do it' when your performance bonus hinges on that thing you do which everyone, including you, knows it is obviously fake. Which category do you belong to?
Drawn in Alias Sketchbook Pro

Name calling not encouraged... You start it off as a joke, you end it off both becomes the joke...

Drawn with Pilot G-2 Pen

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