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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bird Cartoons - May 2008

A modern human equivalent to taking an annual leave from work.
Or to take a break from our daily routine. Get up! Break that routine. Do something differently!
It helps to keep us going to innovate and create.
Drawn with Alias Sketchbook Pro

What can I say for this. Didn't your teacher always say, "Listen!!!....".

I do... but with little success 80% of the time.

Told'ya that thing is called glass!

After a brief pause...
Teacher: 'What is it called?"
Students: 50% *b l a n k*, 30% wondered what the question is directed at, roughly 10% think they know the answer but cannot be bothered to put up their hands, 5% simply shout out the answer "GLASS... cher!! GLASS!". The remainder 5% were still busy trying to complete their mathematics homework to be handed the next period.

Drawn with Pilot G-2 Pen

What can I say for this (again)... Being Persistent is good. But being persistently stubborn in irresponsible behaviour is disastrous.

What can be worst than that??? Lacking self-awareness on everything you do sounds like: "I do not want to or need to know why I do what I do, and I do not care as long as I think I want to do what I do and I just do".

Doo dee doo dee doo...

Drawn with Pilot G-2 Pen

Ah!!! BIRDS!!! They all do that... Man aim to please the birds by planting trees, and the birds aim too... at your car. =p

Shucks! But that is bird's life. Try educating them perhaps.

Drawn with Pilot G-2 Pen

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