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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bird Cartoons - March 2008: With Pilot G-2 Pen

This are my very first bird cartoons. To be precise they are a bunch of cartoon Mynahs... I know it doesn't look like one. But hey... cartoonized stuff here.

Portraying birds in humanize forms while retaining the nature of a bird's character: somewhat silly and innocent in their approach to doing things. And somehow related to us in a certain sense. =)
Looking at an ostrich egg and didn't figured out it can't be their 'kind'... this is my VERY FIRST bird cartoon. Just loved them in their silly mode... haha...

A bird can't build a house like that. But birds do build nest humans can't build - without nails, glue and standard joints! So who's actually smarter? It is difficult to establish a stable and promising career quickly with little education in today's context especially in Singpore. Here you have a mother bird who appear pretty clueless to the little bird's question. And another scholarly birdy who does things very differently from the norm. Education without a self-motivated thinking mind is useless.

Another one emphasing on the need for education. This time it is Mama bird who sees the importance of studying. Some stress is good for little birdy. But too much to handle may drive him straight into the turbine!!! One more... refrain from comparing a child with another. Understand that they are unique individuals developing their potentials in their own biological pace. Eventually it is the one who always strives for the best effort for anything who will be on par or beyond his peers. The timing to get there is secondary. Attitude is primary.

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Birdzilla said...

Realy funny especialy the second one that genuis bird has avery high IQ