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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Habits of Minds (HOM) - Listening with Understanding and Empathy Cartoons

If you wonder how I got my cartoons done up so quickly for my classes, here is an example of my sketches during my morning break cum preparation a few days before lesson. If I draw with a pen, then no further inking. If I draw them with a pencil, the next stage will be inking with a pen. Next I will use my iPhone to snap a photo, edit it in iPad, send it to my email from which I will print multiple copies for my students. Cool hey?

For prints, I will ink them in illustrator. But for classroom use sometimes I had to be swift and fast. =) My students enjoyed my cartoons. Ya?

Cartoons drawn for my students for classroom teaching and engagements. Printed and given to all. =)

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